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Programa Mayo - Junio 2019


14. June - 20 h
Performance & Dance

Vazio( Leer )

Synopsis: It is always good to bear in mind that an empty glass still remains filled with air.
In the process of creating “Void”, the playwright and performer Anderson Feliciano, taking into account the researches of his Graduate Program in Dramaturgy, is allied again to the dancer Fábio Dornas. Investigating the possible relations between body and glass, they create a performative work where movement is almost a non-movement. From the gesture of organizing the glasses in the space / time setting of the scene also arises the necessity of the body ‘per se’ to organize itself. In their quest to express an idea of Void, the artists investigate infinite possible organizations of this space / time. Inspired by the works of the plastic artist Mira Schendel, they seek, through this quest, a volume that can dialogue with the voids resulting from troubling situations in our daily routine.

Conception and Direction: Anderson Feliciano and Nicolás Licera
Dancer: Fábio Dornas
Time: 20 minutes
Costume Designer: Silma Dornas
Locale Production: Sara Dornas
Production: Nyvea Karam


A show open to improvisation that acts as a meeting between artists who, stimulated by a free bearing, chosen by themselves, develop their research and experiences at the time of performing this show. Being on the stage is the essential axis for the provocation and charm of improvisation, since the artist is encouraged to leave his safe harbor and want to connect with the distinguished.
“Taste” is an encounter of artists who work with improvisation. Improvisers. It is an encounter that is usually chosen as a theme for the artists to meet and make the show happen. And the show always happens differently. It is a spectacle where the only thing at stake is risking. Risking to open yourself to the other, so that your dance doesn’t stay only within you. “Taste” has already been performed with various artists throughout Brazil and Europe, ranging from dance, theater, music and circus.

Concept: Fábio Dornas
Performers: Fábio Dornas (Brasil), Florin Jaeger (Switzerland) and Lis Nobre (Greece).
Time: 35 minutes.
Local Production: Sara Dornas
Production: Nyvea Karam


15.+ 16. June, 14-16h (single booking possible)
Free Dance Workshop