Galeria Cuadro22

Vernissage and exhibition

Instant Gratification


June 8th untill August 24th 2019

In the current exhibition at CUADRO22, the Graubünden artist Nadia Leonhard and the Mexican artist Juan Manuel Salas deal with instant gratification and the constant flow of information.

The materiality, the appearance of instant gratification and the desire for it: this is where Nadia Leonhard is at home, in performance and video art. Juan Manuel Salas deals with the question of the immediacy behind the visual, the hidden behind the image and the tensions within the painting

Vernissage mit Performance:
June 8th 2019 - 20h-22h

Instant Gratification Party
with Tebe und Jamira Estrada on the decks:
June 8th 2019 - 22h- 03h

August 24th- 20h