Galeria Cuadro22

"hacer sombra" - "giving shade"
Opening September 6th, 2019 : 19h-24h
Musical Performance(experimental) Peor Aun aka
Edgar Cobian from 21h on.

Duration of the exhibitio: untill October 5th

My work has always been crossed by humor. 
Articulated could be a better term, although I prefer to think of 
something pierced, pierced, hurt. Like impalement, that ingenious 
way for men to do justice or undo it. Humor can be understood as 
a way to face the undesirable, fear, anger, disappointment, 
bewilderment, hopelessness and why not? Almost any aspect of life. 
It is also a strategy to confront the other, a way to make sense 
hooks, to be cheater.
A humor that in my opinion covers a broad spectrum, that does not 
always work from the same axes and that tries to dislocate the viewer's
 gaze; one who throws his hand and hides the stone.
The work operates from the porous, open and polysemic nature of visual
 language, appropriating images, gestures - extracted both from a 
current cultural context - and from elements of a universal historical
 background in search of the observer recognizing his permanence in 
the collective imaginary. Therefore, it could be thought that they 
are pieces that require the involvement of the other at a highly 
sensory and affective level, which seeks to coax the other, but 
never corner, leaving multiple revolving doors open. That always 
reveals or hides in complicity.
Throughout the history of art humor as a tool has tried to dismantle, 
reconstruct the very forms of visual, verbal, text language, as well 
as evidence, use, display and reformulate the relationships of meaning
 between them.
In the new scenario of global communication and advertising, images 
proliferate, pile up, overlap and more than give us ideas on the best
 possible paths, it seems that it works as excessively administered 
sedatives that we have become dependent on eviction.
Even under this scenario, humor can continue doing its thing to make 
our aspirations of power, its forms, the structures that sustain it 
shine, absurd. Or it manages to help us understand the control systems
 of our societies, moral rules and any ideology that is articulated 
from the logic of the exploitation of the other.
I like to think that humor can open a parenthesis to take a probably 
short but deep breath that allows us to feel our lungs swell, our 
body in all its splendor and vulnerability, to match our breathing