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17. Juni - 20 Uhr  

Mill Road : Performance und Ausstellung
Birgit Rathsmann und Rick Karr (USA)

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In der Nacht vom 29. Oktober 2012 erreichte Orkan Sandy New York City und trieb Meerwasser über das  Land. Das Viertel Oakwood Beach auf Staten Island wurde fast komplett zerstört. Für eine Nacht, eroberte der Atlantik die Salzwiesen bis zur Mill Road zurück, welche die nördliche Grenze von Oakwood Beach ist.

Im vergangenen Jahr haben Birgit Rathsmann und Rick Karr die Sozial- und Naturgeschichte der Region erforscht - und das Ökosystem der Salzwiesen entlang der Südküste von Staten Island in Betracht gezogen. Mill Road (Ertrunkene Landschaft) ist das Ergebnis.

Unterwegs trafen die Künstler auf New Yorks offizielle Staatsfossilie, eine Karte eines Kartografen, die Straßen zeigt, die es nie gab, einen Gletscher mit der Seele einer klassischen Hollywood-Hauptdarstellerin (und ihre Tochter, die Flut) und der unsterbliche Richter Emil R. Fuchs aus Manhattan, Unternehmer des Sumpfes. In Mill Road verflechten sich ihre Geschichten in Performance, Video, Musik und Installation.

Rathsmann und Karr erforschten ihre erste ertrunkene Landschaften in ihrer Arbeit Malpaso (2019), in Zusammenarbeit mit Alejandro Almanza Pereda. Sie studierten ein Flusstal in Chiapas, Mexiko, in dem Hunderte von archäologischen Stätten der Olmeken — und eine frühe spanische Kolonialkirche — unter dem Wasser eines Wasserkraftstausees verschwunden sind.

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Performance 17. Juni 2021 -
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On the night of October 29, 2012, Hurricane Sandy struck New York City and drove a surge of seawater ashore, obliterating the Oakwood Beach neighborhood of Staten Island. The Atlantic Ocean briefly reclaimed the salt marshes southeast of Mill Road, within and upon which the neighborhood had been built. 

For the past year, Birgit Rathsmann and Rick Karr have been researching the area’s social and natural history — and contemplating the salt marsh ecosystem along the South Shore of Staten Island. Mill Road (Drowned Landscape) is the result.

Along the way, the artists have encountered New York’s official State Fossil, a map by a master cartographer which depicts streets that never existed, a glacier with the soul of a Classic Hollywood leading lady (and her daughter, the flood), and the immortal Emil R. Fuchs, entrepreneur of the swamp. In Mill Road, their stories intertwine and collide through performance, video, music, and installation.

Rathsmann and Karr made their first foray into examining drowned landscapes in 2019’s Malpaso, a collaboration with Alejandro Almanza Pereda that contemplated a river valley in Chiapas, Mexico
 where hundreds of archaeological sites dating back to the Olmec — and an early Spanish colonial church — are submerged beneath the waters of a reservoir behind a hydroelectric dam.

Birgit Rathsmann
Birgit Rathsmann grew up in Germany and Indonesia. They are a filmmaker, animator, and artist connecting with audiences in galleries and cinemas. “Malpaso”, their recent collaborative exhibition exhuming the history of a river valley beneath a reservoir in Chiapas (MX) was presented at The Clemente (NYC). “Room for Storms” turned satellite footage of hurricanes into a public cinematic event at the East River Band Shell, NYC and a gallery exhibition at Alterna/Corriente in Mexico City. “October 18, 1977” was an exhibition created from 22 artists’ responses to the prison deaths of the Baader Meinhof Group at Gasser/Grunert Gallery (NYC). Their documentary film about women martial arts heroes in films from Hong Kong played at film festivals and independent cinemas. Animations which they created in collaboration with a number of comedians including Lorelei Ramirez, Mary Houlihan, Tim Platt and Ikechukwu Ufomado have been screened on Comedy Central and at film festivals. They organized a series of public conversations at the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture, most recently “Four dialogues about Artists, Audience and Community”. 


Rick Karr
Rick Karr is an artist, journalist, and musician. His art, created in collaboration with his partner, Birgit Rathsmann, employs journalistic techniques to explore historical narratives as performance, video, and object-making. Ultraviolet (2017) examined the relationship between evolutionary forces, addiction, and contemporary social dynamics by drawing on the life of Alfred Russel Wallace, the naturalist co-credited with the theory of evolution by natural selection alongside Charles Darwin. (Cleopatra’s, Brooklyn; Essex Flowers, NYC; Taller los Guayabos, Guadalajara) Malpaso (2019) reimagined the history of a river valley in Chiapas with sculpture, text, video, and performance. (in collaboration with Alejandro Almanza Pereda at The Clemente, NYC) His journalism has featured regularly on U.S. public television and radio for more than 20 years, and he taught journalism at Columbia University. He has produced music that has appeared on many record labels, including Homestead, Drag City, and Virgin. He was born and raised near Chicago and lives in Brooklyn.


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